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The Arc of a Life reveals the Himalayan explorations and reflections of explorer Bruce Klepinger. Through a stunning collection of photographs, the expanse of people and places that comprise the world's highest mountains are illuminated. A series of personal interviews done with Klepinger by novelist and close friend Joseph Blum form much of the text of this book and the interviews became a vehicle for describing the motivations for and history of Klepinger's explorations. Klepinger is blessed with a staggering memory for places, images, colors and sounds Klepinger speaks of how fortunate he feels to have been born into an age when he could readily and rapidly move from one part of the globe to another including unprecedented access to exotic cultures, to the vast expanses of untrodden plains or to the heights of distant raw-boned peaks. Klepinger reflects on the realization that the times are changing. Primitive places are becoming modernized, untouched tribes are disappearing and empty spaces are shrinking. As travel becomes more common, public demand for comfort increases and the inclination for exploration and true adventure declines. Awe and amazement are diminished. Nevertheless, it is still possible to find inspiring places that fill us with joy and to meet unique people who provide us a changed perspective of the human family. Sharing this unique opportunity in human history has been a huge part of Klepinger's motivation and that is revealed in the book.


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The Arc of Life The Arc of Life The Arc of LifeThe Arc of Life The Arc of Life The Arc of Life

The Arc of LifeThe Arc of Life The Arc of Life