America. (with respect for Allen Ginsberg)


Why are you so cruel?
So mean
Why do you blame your cripples and your helpless for your failings
while you embolden your most powerful to express their bestial impulses
You conceal your blood lust
and drop bombs from the sky
on enemies you’ve invented to justify your greed
Your heritage is littered with the bodies of those you’ve crushed with genocide and racist lynching
Your innocent children are gunned down in schools and you do nothing
Your playful are gunned down in recreation and you do nothing
Your prayerful are gunned down in worship and you do nothing
as an army of faux Christians grasp hands in unity with the diabolical
Your homeless swell with desperation and you do nothing
Your henchmen lawyers tip the scales of justice to their favor while you desecrate the sacred earth
America, are you ignorant or are you criminal as you plunge aggressively into the abyss
America, why do you imprison your black men because you cannot face the shame of enslaving them to build your palace
You circle the wagons forming an impermeable membrane to repel those who still believe in your fading promise
The world fears you now that you are exposed as were the Romans, as are all imperialist empires
You hide in your Bible now cleansed of it’s Christ
Your favorite passages are of wrath not of love
You know more of bullets than of compassion
Even your warriors are confused
Are you lazy, America or are you simply the metamorphosed form of your fate
Don’t answer, please because your reply will only confirm the worst assumption
So I ask again, America, why are you so cruel
but I neither expect nor do I need your reply
You chasten your loving
You shackle your feminine
You feed the blood lust of your masculine growing more voracious
You do not seek peace
You do not embrace the balm of poetry or the soothing soul of art
but instead crush the soul of your poets, your writers and composers
as you commoditize their creativity
You churn out thousands upon thousands of predators whose certificates of pedigree manifest the commoditization of all human endeavors from kindness to empathy salvation, spirit, healing and empathy
You call these your children but what children are they who feast on the flesh of their mothers
I might forgive many of your trespasses but not this one
Shame on you America for neglecting those whom you should honor
Shame on you America for your smart bombs and your second amendment
Shame on you America for your Wall Street and your border walls
Shame on you America for the alchemy you practice that turns hope into greed into fear into materialist vampires
Shame on you America for destroying your wild creatures and rivers
Shame on you America for your laziness while burning sludge instead of embracing light
Say amen somebody, can I get a Shame on You America?


4 thoughts on “America. (with respect for Allen Ginsberg)

  1. “Are you lazy, America or are you simply the metamorphosed form of your fate
    Don’t answer, please because your reply will only confirm the worst assumption”
    I like this part the most and the next several lines that follow. And it is rather Allen Ginsberg-ish:)

    You cover a lot of territory with great passion, Joey – passion that seems to have been missing from the lexicon of many lately. Great work.

    P.S. I have faith that America is on the path to rebirth towards everything it needs to become. Maybe that’s why the “metamorphose” line had struck the chord.

  2. When a country values its strength it risks instantiating strength as cruelty instead of character, tough love bereft of love, individual prosperity at the expense of less fortunate.

  3. He told everyone who he was.
    He had a strong track record of ugly along with his grifter spawn.
    It’s no surprise the rocks have flipped over and the smell has rolled out.
    It’s been here along.
    Let’s not be shocked that they live with us. Let’s note be shocked they follow along.
    I bet you even know some that live with their hoods on in your neighborhood, in your circle of friendly passing’s.
    America was born out of hate, rape, and genocide. This is the karmic circle that we all get to share. Yes, it’s dark and often feels lost. But lets not pretended this is a shocking new subject.
    Be the light, shine the light, and help everyone in your power that you can.
    That is the America that I also know.

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