Answering the Call

“Ask not what your country can do for you, but rather, what can you do for your country.”  John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Well, this is really strange.  OMG!  I just answered the phone and thought I was on the receiving end of a crank call or major troll by some mean-spirited prankster.  The caller identified himself as White House assistant to presidential advisor, Kellyanne Conway.  “Yeah, right.”  I was skeptical of course but the caller persisted and asked that I stay on the line to speak with Mrs. Conway.  He told me that Mrs. Conway had read my blog at the urging of a common friend who is a Federal Judge and after reading my pieces wanted to speak with me.  “Yeah, right.”  No matter, I stayed on the line and after a brief pause, “Mrs. Conway” greeted me with a rather aggressive, “So, Joey, how would you like to turn some of those opinions into meaningful action?”  At this moment any notion of this being a prank flew right out the window.  The presidential advisor’s voice is unmistakable.  It was Kellyanne Conway.  Apparently, President Trump directed Kellyanne to scan the horizon for articulate critics of his policies and bring some them into his advisory circle.  She said there will be a monthly “round-table gathering” aimed at making the President’s actions more responsive to citizen’s feelings.  Kellyanne then invited me to join this process held at the White House beginning in May.  To say I’m stunned is a gross understatement but refusing is unthinkable.  Even though I disagree with almost everything our President has done so far, being part of the process is a duty and responsibility.  As Kellyanne said to me, “Joey, though you may not agree with the President on some things, why not be part of the change rather than be just another low caliber sniper on the sideline?”  I must say that Kellyanne’s persuasive logic is powerful and who can refuse someone using the phrase low caliber sniper so eloquently?  So, stay tuned, I’m off to Washington for the first session in a month and will report back on what gets accomplished.  I’m very curious who else might be there.  I’m hoping Richard Sherman and Meryl Streep might be invited but that might be too much to expect.  I’ve always dreamed of playing a meaningful part in this great experiment called American Democracy, and I, like Kellyanne, do not have a mistress or play golf, so what better way to dedicate my time than by Helping to Make America Great Again.  I hope I get one of those American Flag lapel pins.



9 thoughts on “Answering the Call

  1. Wow, wow, wow!! Proud of you, Joey, and so glad for you to be part of the conversation. You have made a difference, and you are about to keep on doing that!

  2. What an unusual circumstance! Go for it. You’ve got the wordsmith skills to get their attention. (I expect to see that flag pin next time I see you. Cheers. Larry.

  3. Way to go Joey……the SS pulled up at your cabin and went through it with a fine tooth comb and a lot of hand held equipment. Mark dashed out his door to chew them out for cutting off his satellite feed and got hauled away….who knows where….. but I figure he’ll be spilling the beans about all of us in trade for a six pack. Jeri blocked their black Suburbans in the driveway with her tractor and they had to shoot her to shut her up. I’ll keep you posted on further developments. PS. Please tell Trump I am really pissed off about the baby bears.

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