CA 125

Concerning this brief update, CA 125 is not a state highway in California.

Super Nanky started the day jacked on steroids in preparation for seven hours at the JUICE BAR (The funny thing is that she doesn’t realize she is flying even as the wind swirls around her.) If she gets any more jacked up she might surpass Barry Bond’s MLB home run record!

Off we went and Nance dug in for seven hours! While there, she made new friends and they gave her a graph of her CA 125 levels, which I won’t bother explaining in detail but is a measure of whether “Chucky” is advancing or retreating. Chucky and friends are definitely showing their displeasure with THE JUICE, as not only did she “flatten the curve” but has a steeply pitched line indicating the bad juju us in retreat. This is good news.

We remain overwhelmed by the kindness and support of all of you whose gifts, thoughts, food, calls, emails and prayers keep Nancy on the path.

Thank you.

PS: I’ll be throwing a piece on the blog tomorrow that doesn’t have to do with Nancy. Feel free to skip it if you wish.

6 thoughts on “CA 125

  1. Thank you for the very “Joey” update! I continue to wish that Nancy be “Free from suffering and the cause of her suffering” after meditation.

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