History’s Trash Heap Populated By Rats and Demagogues

During Obama’s presidency, the old REICH, which is now the new REiCH, opposed him for two reasons.  One:  he was black and two:  because he actually tried to help poor and working people and move the United States into the modern world.  Though I took issue with much of what Obama did, I always respected his intentions.  His vision of the presidency was that of a Public Servant of the people.  By lining up against everything Obama, the Republicans actually boxed themselves into a corner when opposing things  they understood were good for the country, like Obamacare (originally a Republican proposal by Bush 1) and immigration reform that might lead to citizenship for the millions of hard-working undocumented people who contribute to the vitality of the country.  So BIg T comes along and says Whateverthefuckcomesoutofhissorryassednarcissisticentitledandhypocriticalmouth and steals an election and then has to craft a set of laws to back up his SHIT.  And what is that shit but the same old corruption of giving wealthy people and corporations tax breaks while attacking every shred of support for poor and working people.  And to top it off, having lost the election by three million votes, they think they have a mandate for change.  Well, between Big T and his little garbage eating lap rat, Templeton (the rat in Charlotte’s Web) Paul Ryan, we have a nation aggressively charging backwards in time when women, minorities, working people and anything foreign were treated like shit.  Same old shit, same old con, same old men, same old destiny.  All demagogues succeed for a while and sadly they leave a wide swath of misery in their wake, but eventually they hang by ropes, die in bunkers and find themselves where they belong, on history’s trash heap.

One thought on “History’s Trash Heap Populated By Rats and Demagogues

  1. Looking forward to the poetic justice being done as described in your last sentence, Joey. Hoping that it won’t take long.

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