Make Vinny Faini Famous

I’m writing this because I think you know me well enough that you will grasp its spirit. I’m sending it to everyone on my email address list and will post it on my blog today.  Vague? Read on.

I’ve been training at a gym the past six months and one of the people who works there is a local guy named Vinny Faini (Fay-knee). If this was the 1950’s, Vinny would be a Jack Kerouac figure casting a meaningful and defiant shadow over the benign workings of society.

Vinny is a prolific writer with blog posts, novels, essays and stories that are entertaining and informative. He barely makes a cent on what he does and that’s part of why I’m launching my campaign to MAKE VINNY FAMOUS!

Vinny is sincere, erudite and engaged in being the best human being he can be. He cares about people, has a deep and honest philosophy about life, is a sixty-two year old former Marine, champion body builder, postal worker and all around crusader on behalf of fairness and decency.

He speaks truth to power and writes about everything from Keto diets to global philosophy.

This is Vinny’s website:

Here is a link to one of his pieces

Vinny is the guy that many people dismiss because he juggles a lot of balls, but if you listen for a minute or two, you say, “This guy is amazing!”

He champions the cause of veterans, homeless people, victims of abuse, working people in dangerous environments and any other underdog.

Invoking the spirit of starting a Prairie Fire or Asking the Universe for what you want, a Go Fund Me campaign or even Chain letters (or any irrational way that people make good things happy) I’m asking you to join my Make Vinny Famous Campaign and get the “snowball rolling” for a deserving guy.

I’m encouraging everyone I know to visit his website linked below, and buy a piece or two of his writing so that he can thrive and be better known in the world. Think of it as ten or twenty dollars spent on a great dream!

This is Vinny’s website:

I have a website that invites people to network with each other and build community.
On my website I will be offering e-books and short stories for sale and the purchaser will get to choose from a variety of charities where they want the money towards their purchase to go.
It will be set up so that the money will only go to the charities. I will also have a way for people to donate towards helping me to maintain my expenses towards operating this venture.
I will also be trying to raise money to pay off the debt on two houses I own – after which I will then turn both of these houses over to a veterans group and an organization that sets up halfway houses for women and their children suffering from domestic abuse.
To pay off the debt on these houses I am offering for sale my workout books displayed on my website.


Despite what you may think, this is real! Please call me if you want more information.

I hope you will share this with twenty friends who will share it with twenty friends who will share it with twenty friends until we see Vinny on late night talk shows and speaking in any number of environments where a decent voice can make a difference.

I know you are bombarded with requests for your attention and money, so thanks for not blowing this off and rolling with the intention. A little madness may be just what is needed these days.

I also know there is no reason to do this except that I think he is worthy of your attention. If you find it bothersome, please forgive me and toss it with no remorse. I hope you will spread this crazy idea so that the world will come to know Vinny.

Thanks, Joey

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