Making America Great Again: One Corrupt Act at A Time

Almost a great day for America.  The austere US Congress, a body of wealthy men and women (mostly men) whose health insurance is paid by the American people, came so close to repealing Obamacare.  Maybe tomorrow, (after enough palms have been greased) America can take another step towards greatness.  28 million people (Including me and Nancy) will lose health insurance but the freedom of pharmaceutical and insurance companies to extort huge amounts of money will be preserved.  Freedom to be poor, Freedom to be bankrupt, Freedom to be denied reproductive counsel.  God Bless America.  That’s the kind of greatness only a great leader like Don “the used car salesman” Trump can imagine.  Soon enough we can repeal voting rights act for blacks and women.  Soon enough we can deny senior citizens, who have worked their entire lives to have some peace of mind, the right to affordable health care in their final years.  Greatness is worth it.  A great beginning from the man whose first act as Command and Chief was to botch a military raid and kill civilians and a heroic Navy Seal.  So much greatness ahead, perhaps restoring slavery to antebellum levels.  So many great things sweeping the land.  You can feel it in the air!

4 thoughts on “Making America Great Again: One Corrupt Act at A Time

  1. Aware-
    Remember over dinner before election you said Con & Grifter ump might be fun to watch- aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. Yes, who knew it would come to that. No one could imagine it in their wildest dreams. And to think of the way America was when we first came here… and now.
    Love your sarcasm, Joey. Laughter through tears.

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