Mass or Node?

Nance saw her doctor yesterday via Telemed.

The doc said she is doing very well but that it’s time to do the surgery. We also learned that words make a difference in the medical world. When we asked about the “mass” in Nancy’s heart area six weeks ago, we were told there was none and we upped our magical “abracadabra cancer is going away thinking.” We found out yesterday that when they said there was no mass they meant no tumor but the enlarged lymph node that we called a mass was still there, albeit shrunken. Still good news, though initially disappointing.

She will have “open” (as opposed to less invasive laparoscopy) surgery on March 9th and be in the hospital for three-four days. Presently I cannot be with her due to Covid. That is not a comfort.

Covid-19 has made it hard to have others in our life the way it might be more helpful but we’ll get our second shots next week and perhaps can loosen the restrictions that make support from others so awkward.

The roller coaster metaphor still applies. I want to apologize to anyone who catches me on one of the days when the coaster car is grinding its way to the top. Equal apologies if you catch me when it’s flying down the rails!

The only thing that matters is that Nancy feel safe, supported and comfortable and that we can harness her considerable will to focus on what needs to be done. Thanks to all of you who have made that possible.

Now, we need to get through the surgery and get Nanky Doodle healed up. Longer, warmer days always lift spirits. I have been so eager about getting through this Winter that yesterday I said to Nance that I didn’t realize St. Patrick’s Day had come, and she reminded me it was still February!!!

After working on Russian ships in my twenties, I adopted the Russian seasonal calendar. Spring starts on March 1st and it can’t come fast enough.

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  1. Thank you Joey,

    We continue beaming a stream of love towards Nancy and you, as you navigate this challenging reality. No-one ever wants to develop expertise on a cancer diagnosis. There is so much to learn and understand. Sharing with all of us is a way to process and track things. I appreciate your words very much and know the energy it takes to put them out there to us.

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