Nothing Compares To You

Nance had a great week. Lots of meditation walks in the woods and feeling like herself. Next week is the second round of Juice Bar (AKA, chemotherapy) so there are lots of appointments and dodging around all the Covid precautions. Thank you to all the kind friends who have shared thoughts, visits, walks, food and various other healing gifts and wishes. With no prompting, Nancy received seven various butterfly images and has adopted that as the transformation metaphor-Chucky is going to have to find another cocoon. (And, if you don’t know the CD in the picture by Sinead O’Connor, give it a listen.)

10 thoughts on “Nothing Compares To You

  1. Great photo, great smile!
    Seen on the Internet: “Losing one’s hair during chemo, means there’s one less thing to mess with in the morning!”

  2. This shining smile is so wonderful to see. You have always been such an inspiration and true to form it shows in this photo. Thanks for this blog Joey.
    Butterflies and love

  3. So good to get the update and the picture. Looking good, Nancy. Enjoy that “no fuss” in this morning moment. Sending good thoughts to you and Joey to add to the energy from those walks in the woods.

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