Oarfish. Real! Real!

OarfishpaintingYou may have seen the news item yesterday about a “sea monster” that was found on the beach in Spain.  It was initially thought to be the remains of an Oarfish, a stunning creature that is worth knowing.  The remains turned out to be a shark skeleton, but it prompted me to spend some time looking at Oarfish pictures.  Oarfish are a ribbon like fish that can grow quite long and large.

The greatest work of my life was as a fisheries biologist on Soviet and Japanese fishing vessels in the late 70’s and early 80’s when I worked as an “Observer” for the National Marine Fisheries Service.  Every day brought something new from the ocean and I have seen more than a few bizarre and extraordinary creatures.  Oarfish4Fish are deeply etched into my being. I dream about them, admire them, and often wish I were one.


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