Rantin and Ravin

Posted for no special reason.

  • Forget a purposeful life
  • Do not censor your thoughts or comments
  • Do not watch the news
  • You are not a steward of the earth
  • You are not a role model
  • You will not balance the budget
  • You will not end world hunger
  • You will not eliminate prejudice
  • Justice is a myth
  • Defend underdogs
  • Do not pick the shortest line in the grocery store
  • Stand in a long line and watch the interesting people
  • Ignore all special diets
  • Speak your mind
  • Know your mind
  • Knowledge comes from personal experience
  • Watch movies for entertainment
  • Do not try and sound interesting
  • There is no non-fiction
  • Talk radio is toxic
  • All Presidents of the United States are clones
  • Your vote does not really count
  • Politicians are not to be trusted
  • 2 thoughts on “Rantin and Ravin

    1. Joey, I LOVE this!!!

      You should post it on FB so that I can share it and attribute it to you! That’s how I feel right now. And I am sick of all those people who preach this and that without practicing… among other things….

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