Savor These Moments

Good Morning World.

The river that connects us all is flowing deeply through my sub-conscious.  Why else would I write at two in the morning?

I remember being a schoolchild, how excited it felt to awaken in the morning to a blanket of white powder and hear on the radio that school was closed!

A day of snowballs and snowmen was rich.

Yes, I understand this is different, but stepping outside into the crystal clear and cold air last night there was a panoply of glittering stars.  I took a deep breath, inviting the air into my lungs and savoring the feeling.  How sweet it is to feel human, to step away from the grinding machine of life in the modern world.

Each day, the red circles of Coronavirus clusters saturate the global map.  In a few weeks, the circles will disappear and all will be in red.

Some of us will take leave, most will not, and when the red fades the machine will slowly come back to life.

Savor these moments.  Savor———-these——–moments.

Breathe the air, drink water, stay warm, sleep, and join me on the river, exhaling the vapor of life above the flowing water.



2 thoughts on “Savor These Moments

  1. Silver lining and another perspective –
    I am listening to a Freakonomics podcast on the Covid-19 situation just released this week. Evidently bout 3,000 lives have been lost in China, up to this point, as a result of Covid-19. In fighting the virus, the drastic shutdown of factories in many areas of China have significantly reduced pollution in China. This Yale economist is estimating that around 50,000 lives could be saved as a result. (lessons learned from the Beijing Olympics).

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