So Proud…

Making America Great Again: one golf outing at a time paid for by the American People.

      Making America Great Again: one golf outing at a time.

God bless President Trump.  Today, March 26th, marks his 13th golf trip since becoming President nine weeks ago.  I am so proud of him.  So proud to give up my health insurance subsidy or future Medicare benefits so that we can pay and the great man can get some rest.   As befits the great man, he will surpass the costs of other Presidents time off in a record pace.  It’s hard work stripping tens of millions of people of health care, giving trillions of dollars to the neediest billionaires, ruining America’s relations with other countries, destroying the lives of millions of hard working immigrants who make our country great.  Well, somebody has to do it.  So God Bless President Trump.  Class:  Compassion: Integrity.  America’s answer to the Dalai Lama.  Or as the late great Reverend Ike used to say as the collection plates passed to his loyal following of hard working, mostly black women domestics who came to his “church”– “Let us not hear the tinkling of change but only the fluttering of bills.”


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