The Third Week of August

The third week of August has long been my salvation. The month in which the air finally has a hint of cold. The week in which Autumn peers through the madness of Summer and whispers “I am coming.” It is both a reminder to secure the firewood and complete the projects that lie strewn about without the threat of rainfall.

This Summer has been a torment. Two Osprey are nesting above the house in one of the tall fir trees and all day long there is a plaintive cry between them. Who would think Osprey could become annoying? AND, they joined by the ceaseless cooing of doves. Doves cooing as torture-that’s a twist. This morning some other as yet unidentified bird joined the choir with a whistle like staccato that hit the ears like drops of water in a prison cell. At least it’s all funny now that I write it, being tormented by nature.  Since I’m unloading, six weeks ago the heat turned my eyes into kaleidoscopes with double vision cluttering my world and flies made to look like jet planes. Relief is on the way.

And so it goes. Soon I will be cursing the incessant rain, but in truth these are small moments offered more for whimsy than formal complaint, this third week of August when the first cool air if Autumn promises a change.

3 thoughts on “The Third Week of August

  1. Funny how we, humans, are never quite happy with what the weather offers (and not only the weather)… It sounds like you wouldn’t enjoy living in Southern California, as it’s too much of the same things here – sun, sun, and more sun… every day. I know that some people in LA miss the rain, but I don’t. Or, maybe I do but I won’t admit it, as all those years spent in Seattle have made it difficult to imagine that rain is a good thing:)… Great writing, as always, Joey.

  2. NOT READY FOR FALL… LOVE HEAT. 5+MORE WEEKS PLEASE BEFORE 9 MONTHS OF REQUIRED LIFE JACKET WEARING. ONE MORE BLESSING PLEASE SEND ALL THE CHILDREN BACK TO SCHOOL!!! I will happily take your birds any day over the endless high pitch screaming of children from 8:30 am to 10:30 pm. 7 days a week. A 1970’s single wide trailer with orange shag carpet in a 55 and older park looks very charming at this point.

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