More Snake Oil, Y’all.

A US Attack on Syria based on supposed use of chemical weapons:  UTTER F’N Bullshit!  Syria knows the US, Britain and France are waiting for any pretense to launch an attack and their going to unleash chemical weapons?

“It’s called snake oil, y’all and it’s been around for a long long time.”  Steve Earle

5 thoughts on “More Snake Oil, Y’all.

  1. Somewhere, there’s a dungeon, with a crystal ball. There is a man there with it, paid by powerful warlords to continually gaze into it, that they might be kept appraised of their enemies movements. And anyone who disagrees with them. Occasionally, the man reaches for a string, tied to a bell which is far above him – in the tower where the warlords make their plans.

    There’s something for you to see here:

    But if you go there, ask not for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for you.

  2. Fair enough – we were fooled with WMDs – but how do you explain the dead bodies and the neutral parties that testify to the assertion?

    • Who are the neutral parties? Footage of dead bodies is not hard to come by in a civil war. Show me Amnesty International evidence and we can begin to talk. The big guys have been sitting and waiting for a shot at Syria, no different than W’s trumped up rationale for invading Iraq. Here we go again with the same stupid response to somethingbwe cannt control withnthe only beneficiaries being war corporations and oil companies.

      • Until evidence is examined and conclusions drawn from it, there is nothing but opinion and prejudice. My opinion is that it is all a set-up to have a little military exercise, for whatever reason. and I suspect that this will take place before the jury–the inspectors–has had a chance to deliberate.

        • I’m so happy the people of Syria will be protected now that the Kangaroos in the court have determined that the monkeys at home are too stupid to object to the next step. And to use the 50th anniversary of ‘I Have A Dream” to run interference for this is galling. I’, sure the people of Syria will appreciate having a wave of air attacks that take out the military and civic infrastructure of Syria to the point that the “Rebels”can gain the upper hand. Oh yeah, this is good foreign policy. George W. must be calling his attorneys to prepare a plagiarism lawsuit watching the same script he used in Iraq be used again. Oops, I smell the Gulf of Tonkin, the Mayaguez, the Weapons of Mass Destruction. Look at the map of the middle east and draw the lines. Israel is loving this and it’s all on our debt increasing nickel. I’m so disgusted with nations and warfare. There is a better way, but if we don’t believe it possible it can never come to be.

          “War, huh, good God isn’t any good for absolutely nothing. Say it again!”

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