Which The Greater Crime? Oh no Harpo!

OprahVery uncomfortable am I poking fun of Oprah, whom I admire.  News that Oprah was the “Victim” of racism in a Zurich, Switzerland shop the other day when a clerk refused to show her a $35,000 purse tickled a raw proletarian nerve just a wee bit. pursesNo doubt Oprah was profiled by a bigoted clerk who saw her black skin and thought her unable to afford the purse> But victimized? Yes, I understand the deeper significance of this, but really, O, a $35,000 purse?


3 thoughts on “Which The Greater Crime? Oh no Harpo!

  1. Joey, it is a bit comical, indeed. Although I do relate to how she must have felt, as any reminder of past victimization or “othering” triggers the pain chords in a person. That kind of trauma maybe never goes away.

  2. There is bigotry and prejudice that threatens our lives or denies us equal opportunity. There is also prejudice that simply reminds us that ignorance is common and cultural change is difficult if not eternal. What matters most is the harm done by the prejudice and where it leaves us. Oprah was left with a missed opportunity to purchase an extravagant purse, and because she is such an amazing person, it also left her with an opportunity to, once more, start a discussion that leads us to a better place. Hopefully that will include both a discussion about racism AND extravagance.

  3. A short post script. I just saw on the BBC that Oprah has responded to the entire incident in Switzerland. She gets it. She usually does. She is an amazing woman.

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