Wiggy Meet Nancy ?

One of the fine perks of getting a cancer diagnosis is the free wig store. There’s a lot of kindness even if the wigs aren’t exactly what you have in mind.
Who needs a wig with a head so fine?
Here she is with the wig you can’t get at the wig store!

A great week. It’s funny how you go through so many steps and realizations along this path. It hits like a ton of bricks but soon you realize it’s no different than anything else in life so you tighten your boot laces and start hiking. With each step you get stronger.

Each day we walk in the woods, breathe the air, see the mountains and take notice of the subtle change of the seasons. On some days a raven soars above, Flickers call out and dive down into the protection of the trees, or a hawk takes notice of two humans churning up the road from high above.

Head down or head up makes all the difference.


10 thoughts on “Wiggy Meet Nancy ?

  1. Thought you had a cousin named Wiggy.
    It is such fun to read these posts and feel energized by the photos. Who would have known?!
    Thanks for this post
    Either way Nancy – I love you

  2. Well there Wiggy step aside and let that beautiful head be all that it is, absolutely gorgeous! I think Wiggy should grow dust sitting in a corner. That beautiful head could use a small amount of sunshine, but then there are so many things that could (sending from the great northwest in the tail end of January).
    Nancy you ROCK the chrome dome I have calculated how much time I spend getting ready in the morning fussing with this mop of mine they call hair ugghhhh!!!
    Sending good thoughts and mojo your way. I miss and love you guys!

  3. Thank you for posting the beautiful pictures of Nancy. Nancy, you are marvelous. Miss seeing you. All my best
    Kathleen M

  4. Dear Nancy! I love your wig! The cut the color on you too. You look 30 years old! ♥️ Love you and thinking of you, dear! Glad you are doing so well, and Joey taking such good care! Hugs galore, Sharon.

  5. Hello beautiful friends!
    The first thing that popped into my head was Will Smith’s rap song, Getting Jiggy With It. Nance is getting Wiggy with it. She is gorgeous au naturale- that smile and love that pours from her soul is a gift to all.
    Love you mucho, mucho.

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