You’re Getting Sleepy, Your Eyes Are Getting Heavy

When you’re told someone you love has cancer, it hits like a hypnotist casting a scary spell over you, “You’re getting sleepy, your eyes are getting heavy.”  Before long you’re jumping through all sorts of hoops to deal with the cancer and it scares you.  In that first two weeks after Nance was diagnosed we were pretty down and struggling until one day we just said, “Enough” there’s no point getting all bent out of shape thinking about death.  It doesn’t help and it isn’t what’s going to happen!”

Then a few days go by, then a few weeks and Nancy feels better, looks like herself (except for hair)  feels strong, eyes are clear, her body is healthy, and we say she just has cancer and it’s going away.Nance had her third chemo infusion this past Thursday.  She was pretty wound up yesterday but started crashing in earnest last night.  We still went for a six mile walk this afternoon and now she is asleep on the couch.  I expect her to be down like this for today and tomorrow and then should start coming back to normal.  In tends to two weeks they will do a scan of things and decide how to proceed with surgery.  She’s a tough little bugger and all indications are that she is doing great, in fact, so much so that the biggest concern, which was a mass in the tissue around her heart, did not even show up on the last CT scan.  Miracle?  Sure, why not, but how about Nancy is strong and healthy and either that mass was never there or decided to cut and run under the barrage of health Nance has thrown at it.  And by barrage I mean mushroom tinctures, chemo concoctions, vitamins, food, exercise, water, prayer, tao, meditation, chants, rituals, songs, and the powerful force of love and healing that has come her way through all of you.  

The hypnotist has started looking around for another sap to go under the spell.I cannot begin to thank you all for the support you’ve given to Nance.  It is what carries us forward.  

Thanks again for all the kindness.   Joey and Nancy

6 thoughts on “You’re Getting Sleepy, Your Eyes Are Getting Heavy

  1. Joey – You have long had a way of phrasing things that is educational, inspirational, and healing. Of course in a perfect world, those three words, educational, inspirational, and healing, are synonymous. I think your post here is a glimpse into that perfect world. With love (perhaps another synonym?) to all three of you, –Andy

  2. Dears Nancy and Joey,
    What a beautiful letter of love, positive affirmation, and courage, on both your parts.
    We miss you very much, but please know our hearts and prayers are with you. ❤️❤️
    It’s simply amazing you can walk 6 miles! You will beat this, Nancy! We are so very proud of you!
    With Love for you both,
    Sharon and Stan.

  3. Hey Friends and Loved Ones:

    From the east coast, in Harlem’s heart, covered in over a foot of snow, I’m sending you love and thoughts of defeating the beast that is sitting inside you.

    From all of us we are wishing the best outcome for you in this complicated situation.

    I’m providing a link to a song from Alice Coltrane called “Govinda Jai Jai.” It’s a simple song but the melody is joyful and when I play it I take it to my soul and use it as to balance out or even shift the balance to my favor, my energy, to get to a better place.

    In between moments of my own recover, now in its 5th month, I think of you whenever I play this song.

    I hope you enjoy it. TBH, having never played you a song or vice versa, you coul go, “nah” after the downbeat. If so, get Joey to strums some chords on his guitar.

    Take care,


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