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Section 1: One Road Starts At The End Of Another

Chapter I: One Road Starts at the End of Another

Chapter 2: This Is Not Inherit The Wind

Chapter 3. How One Becomes a Circus Painter

Chapter 4. Illusion and the Physics of Fire

Chapter 5. The Sleeping Mother

Chapter 6. Anchovies, Andy Warhol, Alien Barter, and Cowboys

Chapter 7. Drive-Ins

Chapter 8. “Always Cut On Movement.” Howard Hawks

Section 2: The Joys Of Weightlessness

Chapter 9. The East/West

Chapter 10. A Story Told With Pictures

Chapter 11. Late Nights and Mercator Projections

Chapter 12. The Best Pakoras In Primrose, North Dakota

Chapter 13. Rose Tattoos, Ruby Sauce, and Rashmi

Chapter 14. Bashkir Ponies and the Fiery Hooch of the Steppes

Chapter 15. Candelabras and Organs: A Seven-Day Fishing Tri

Section 3: There’s A Reason Movies Have Happy Ending

Chapter 16. What Is Theater? And The Great Benny Goodman

Chapter 17. The Sub-Committee on Community Morals: Four Rivers

Section 4: Pictures At An Exhibition. 229

Chapter 18. Pictures Before An Exhibition—Lighthouse Island

Chapter 19. Three Tuxedoes

Chapter 20. 5000 Kilometers As The Crow Flies

Chapter 21. The Definition of Symposium

Chapter 22. How to Write a Love Scene

Chapter 23. To Say We Did It

Section 5: The Pull of Gravity

Chapter 24. How Angels Die

Chapter 25. Out Of The Fire Comes Goat Milk?

Chapter 26. “Stand Up; Speak Your Piece; And Don’t Stop Until You’re Done!!!

Chapter 27. Shall We Gather At The River?

Chapter 28. One Cedar Chest

Chapter 29. Dusting Chandeliers In Old Movie Houses

Section 6: The Universe Is Expanding: Life’s Purpose

Chapter 30. Gold Paint -- Life and Times of Luella Ravan, a Ziegfeld Follies Star

Chapter 31. Noah’s Ark Film Festival!

Chapter 32. Playing X

Chapter 33. La Strada. The Lights Before My Eyes