In Nancy’s Own Words

“I’m back to walking. After my surgery, Chuckie is gone except for a few poofs here and there that will go with the next three chemo-therapies, the last one on the full moon in May.  After that, there will be occasional check ups and I will be back to a new and better me.  That’s the plan.  I think the new and better me will take more work but I’m ready to give it a go.”

(Updates will be less frequent as the sea has settled…)

Home on the Range

Nancy was discharged this morning and is home. Glad to have some fresh air and to be free of the “beeps.” We’re thankful for all they did for her. Hooray! As you can see, she is resting and having a cup of real tea.

Laps Around The Hospital

Nancy had surgery yesterday and came through well. The doc, the inspiring Kathleen Yang, said the chemo has been doing a good job at slamming the cancerous growths. She removed all that she could see, mainly “Chucky” who is no more. Good news for sure. She also checked the other organs and said they look good, but there was a squirrel inside that Nancy said was her pet.

Nance is adapting to life on the inside and asks all the young staff to show and tell the story of their tattoos. There are lots of tattoos.

She’s eating, speaking clearly, and in good spirits even if connected to too many machines that go beep!

Nancy: Great Blue Heron Update

Hi Friends. Nancy has surgery next week on March 9th. We’re holing up this week so no little invaders might delay the process.

Nance is feeling good, strong and in good spirits. Walks have been long and energizing except for Sunday, when we received the second Covid vaccine in the morning and felt pretty sick for 36 hours afterward. Ruby says that is a good sign and to be expected after the second shot.

I’ll post next week when the surgery is done and keep you informed. If you know anyone who needs this information that isn’t on the blog list, you can enter their address in the subscription box. Nancy posts will be indicated by the heron.