Blue Heron Update

Yesterday was chemo day # Four. The original plan was for three chemotherapy sessions, the surgery, then three more chemo’s. That remains the plan as all “numbers” are encouraging that “Chucky and friends” are no longer in Nancy. FYI, the day before and on the day of chemotherapy, the patient takes steroids to help mask the impact of the infusion. It has a comical dimension to it as this morning, Nancy is on her knees moving at the speed of light vacuuming the storage shelf in the kitchen and doing a bang up job! Quoting former baseball player Mark McGwire when responding to questions about his use of steroids, “Steroids do nothing to improve performance.” I’m sure his home run numbers increased from “protein shakes” too. I’ll bet his house was REALLY CLEAN! Onward we go. Nance is doing great. Thanks for all your support. More to come but the throttle is on, “Full speed ahead!”