Nancy: Great Blue Heron Update

Hi Friends. Nancy has surgery next week on March 9th. We’re holing up this week so no little invaders might delay the process.

Nance is feeling good, strong and in good spirits. Walks have been long and energizing except for Sunday, when we received the second Covid vaccine in the morning and felt pretty sick for 36 hours afterward. Ruby says that is a good sign and to be expected after the second shot.

I’ll post next week when the surgery is done and keep you informed. If you know anyone who needs this information that isn’t on the blog list, you can enter their address in the subscription box. Nancy posts will be indicated by the heron.

8 thoughts on “Nancy: Great Blue Heron Update

  1. Joey, That Heron is so beautiful and I am sure a good omen for next weeks surgery. Sorry you had bad reactions to second vaccine. My next door neighbor fainted and they called 911. Much drama for our quiet neighborhood. She is fine and they are off to Denver to visit Grandchildren. I had virtually no reaction save a slightly sore upper arm. Everyone is different. I will be thinking of you and Nancy, holding you in the Light, as we Quakers say, with much love, Andrea

  2. Thank you for the Great Blue post.
    Glad Ruby could assure you of the benefit from your vaccines.
    When you have the surgery done it will be great relief to be on the other side of all of that.
    It is so wonderful to know you are feeling well Nancy. Sending love to you two.

  3. Sending good thoughts to you and Nancy. It’s a truth… a good walk cures all ills!:)

  4. The beautiful hron is such a good choice for beautiful Nancy. Hooray for your strength and good health, Ms Nance! I’d agree with Ruby. Sounds like the immune system is working just fine!
    We’ll be sending tons of good energy and love your way on surgery day.
    You go, girl!

  5. Today is the day. Know that we are keeping Nancy in our hearts as she enters into this phase of this journey. May she recover quickly and fully. Keeping you and Ruby in our hearts and thoughts, as well, Joey.
    Much Love, Roka & Steve

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