Unfolded Fortune Cookies

Les and Ken brought us a bag of unfortunate fortune cookies last week. A large bag of cookies that didn’t make it to restaurant tables because they didn’t get folded, but rather were flattened circles, though still tasty.  We took them to a dinner party and I wrote these fortunes to go with them.  I spent five minutes on this and if you get too serious about their meaning I will hunt you down and make you eat an entire bowl of Chinese mustard!

Do you seek beauty? Look into the eyes of children instead of mirrors.                        Lucky # 4567898924   Learn Spanish: Suerte=Lucky

Age, not an enemy, rather a friend all know.                                                                  Lucky #678407 Learn Russian: Nyet=No

Wisdom: better fed with silence than words.                                                                 Lucky #768734209 Learn Greek: Ichthys=Fish

Spare others from your passionate kindness.                                                              Lucky #733333334 Learn English: Republican=Angry White Man

See the people in front of you? Beware the cliff that follows.                                          Lucky #1674342 Learn Hungarian: Yanopote Keevanuk=Greetings.

Music is better than an eager surgeon.                                                                         Lucky #42 Learn Japanese: Tako=Octopus

You are not losing hair but finding skin.                                                                        Lucky #3.14   Learn Serbian: Xzlzxzlz=Shush

Fate will embrace you better than lust.                                                                          Lucky #999999999999   Learn Tagalog: Chow chow=chow chow

An afternoon nap is more refreshing than coffee.                                                            Lucky #11-45-78-908 Learn Spanish: Adelante=forward

Hatred: the flower from the seed of fear.                                                                      Lucky #911 Learn Arabic: Salaam=Peace

Righteousness: the pleasure of fools.                                                                           Lucky #1 Learn Yiddish: Shmendrick=fool

Me: the first word of many misdeeds.                                                                           Lucky #1345624960549 Learn Chinook Jargon: Klahowa=Hi

Clandestine food is consumed with relish. So are hot dogs.                                          Lucky #109086848 Learn Bantu: Lion=Run


4 thoughts on “Unfolded Fortune Cookies

  1. Joey, these are hysterically funny!!!! I am still laughing! Also: why am I craving a hot dog right now?

  2. What! No Italian! Ma que porcha miseria! (rf)*

    * ridere forte (italian for lol )

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